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About Me


A long time ago, when I first decided to make a website, I decided to name myself after my favorite white tiger, White Blaze. Then the wonderful Magma Angel commented on my guestbook and invited me to visit her website and message board. On that board one of the rules stated that you could not use the name of the characters of the show they worshiped. I wanted to join the board, so that meant that I had to change my name. I have always been bad with names, still am, so I struggled to figure out what to call myself. At the time I was in 4-H and had been working on a latch-hook project. The design was sitting on top of my CPU and since I couldn't think of anything else I typed in the name of that latch-hook kit, Celestial Tiger. I have gone by that name online ever since. However many people complained about the name being too long and thus shortened it to CT. 


Outside of the internet I am a brand new Japanese teacher... though I am still looking for a job. Until I find something in the teaching field, I work at JC Penny and enjoy it very much. When I am not at work or looking for a job, I spend most of my time helping my mom around the house, pulling weeds, organizing the family photos, doing what research I can on my family tree, reading, and of course writing. 

About Shin's Kitchen


Shin's Kitchen started out as a fan site for the show Yoroiden Samurai Troopers. It contained, like many similar pages, fan-fiction, pictures and the like about the show. It grew and I started to add some translations as I learned more Japanese. The site started on geocities, then I moved it to my school server while I was in collage, and after graduating I moved it back to geocities. It stayed online for a good long while and I always made sure links were always up to date and working. However when Yahoo decided to shut down geocities I decided to just take down the site. It has been down ever since. 


I have been wanting to put it up again but had trouble at first finding a place that offered free web hosting. Then I was just too busy to deal with a website. There are no guarantees that I will be able to keep up on this one, but I will try. 


I plan to post some of my old fan-fiction, some newer stories, translations, and maybe some pictures. I may even add some teaching stuff for my own reference, but everyone is welcome to look through the contents of this page and if you have any comments about anything on here, please feel free to e-mail me and let me know. 


copywrite Erin McAuley

Update: 04/30/15: Posted Touma's Bio from the Daijiten


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